What is it?
Social media says: “The ‘Bikini Bridge’ is the new ‘thigh gap’ “. The tigh gap was a trend in 2013. Hereby, girls go as far as losing weight, untill there is a ‘hole’ between the tighs. This trend was already shocking. But now social media comes with the trend; Bikini Bridge. Woman and young girls post a lot of pictures of their bikini bottoms. Hereby, they put their hip bones, whereby they create a sort of “bridge” where the bikini bottom doesn’t touch the abdomen. It’s shocking and you can only create a bridge when you’re really skinny. So Bikini Bridge is just another example to give woman more pressure to be that skinny. It makes girls and womans really insecure about their body.

Why is it not cool?
As I said before, al those pictures of Bikini Bridges makes girls and womans insecure about their body. Those pictures are everywhere on the internet.. And that’s a problem, because girls are quickly influenced by social media. So when they see the pictures, they start to believe that hey have tob e that skinny too. The trend seems to encourage anorexia, so a lot of people are concerned about it. I think it’s sick to become that skinny and I really hope that this trend will not continue.

large (9)

Does it has future potential?
I don’t know what it’s going to do in the future. But the fact that, after the ‘Tigh Gap’, the ‘Bikini Bridge’ has now been a massive topic on media sites as a positive thing that woman should create, shows us that the beauty ideals for woman don’t get healthier. They are getting worse.


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